Page 7 - Upstairs BRs

We have two more bedrooms upstairs, with a half-bath (sink and toilet).   
The River Room is our favorite because it overlooks the Tye River to Beckler Peak ...   At first light in the spring, peek out to see if Harlequin Ducks or Common Mergansers (or otters!) are in the creek.    Sleep with the window open in the fall or spring to enjoy the sound of the rushing river, the music of rain falling on the roof, or a chorus of frogs.
The River Room

The other upstairs bedroom (the front room)
looks out into the trees...
Listen to the owls and the rain on the roof.
With a desk, it's a great place for the kids to get homework done.
(It's also a great place for a pillow fight while the adults are socializing downstairs!)
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